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    金沙娱乐官方网站‘That’s rather a fine thing even for a natty boy like Felix,’ he said as he showed it to Kelvin. And then he stood quite still as it flashed across his mind that here, perhaps, was another link in the chain that was being forged about Felix—a link possibly even more important than any of the foregoing. What if it did not belong to Felix at all? It looked too dainty and delicate for a man’s use. What if it was a lady’s? And, most important question of all, what if that lady was Mme. Boirac? If this proved true, his case was complete.


    ‘Was a M. Daubigny one of them?’
    ‘I made a mistake. It was not Thursday. I remember now it was Tuesday he said. Was it not Tuesday?’
    ‘The first is the watcher in the lane. That was almost certainly the man who walked twice up your drive. I told you I found his footmarks at three points along it. One was near your little gate, close beside and pointing to the hedge, showing he was standing there. That was at the very point my man saw the watcher.


    1.‘That probably settles that hash,’ said the evidently delighted Inspector. He, nevertheless, continued his methodical search down the remainder of the drive and out on the road, but without further result.
    2.He placed his hand on the adjoining stave, and there certainly was a rude resemblance in shape.
    3.‘It looks like it, but don’t say anything. Here’s Fran?ois. Let us ask him.’
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